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20 years of pain…Gone!

I have had a shoulder problem (from bench pressing at a gym 20 + years ago) and thought the only way I could get it fixed was by spending hundreds on a operation! I was recommended to Joanne to see if she could fix the pain that I had and the limited range I had with my joint. Wow…amazed….I couldn’t believe the results!…After only a few sessions of going to Jo my shoulder movement was back to full range, my pain had pretty much disappeared and for the first time in a long time and I was able to do things with full extent again!. I must admit I was sceptical at first but now totally convinced that this treatment works…I have since had my knee joint pain worked on as well and that has turned out to be beneficial as well..

I can’t believe I waited so long...I can now do the things with the kids that I wasn’t able to do!

Well done Jo…!!

Dave Lemmon


We heard about Beach Osteopaths through a friend from our antenatal class. She had been told about them by her midwife.

After a difficult birth we decided to have our son see a cranial Osteopath. He had done a stint in Wellington Neonatal unit after an infection and a series of ‘blue episodes’. We knew he was somewhat lop-sided throughout the body and within those first few weeks had noticed he was reluctant to turn his head to one side. This had resulted in a flat head that our paediatrician had described as severe. We decided to try Osteopathy as a way of re-aligning Lucas and hopefully allowing him better movement. We went to Beach Osteopaths because of their excellent reputation for being able to help young babies.

We were impressed from the first visit. Lucas was completely at ease in Joanne’s care and she had a really lovely way with him. She noted the activity on parts of his head and tension at the top of his neck that was most likely the cause of his difficulty with turning his head. The improvement after the first visit was immense and following the third and final treatment Lucas had full movement and the initial problem is undetectable. His head shape is now completely normal and he is displaying excellent strength in holding his own head up, as well as having full movement back.

We are very grateful for the expert help and care we received. This was an inexpensive treatment that has made all the difference to Lucas’s development. We can’t recommend Beach Osteopaths highly enough.

Clare Thorley

"We are very grateful for the expert help and care we received. This was an inexpensive treatment that has made all the difference to Lucas's development. We can't recommend Beach Osteopaths highly enough."

-Clare Thorley